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Descient People


Mike has spent over 16 years exploring the multi-platform market working with producers and broadcasters to develop innovative cross platform formats, from Bafta nominated kids’ game-shows to online dramas with shops and mobile virtual worlds. Most recently, Mike worked for Pact. the trade association for independent content makers, helping shape policies with the team there and focusing on the needs of the digital sector. Over the years Mike has worked for a number of innovative content companies including Somethin Else, So Television, Illumina and Bomb productions where he helped produce multi-platform game shows, documentaries and interactive dramas. Mike served on the board of Northern Fim and Media, has been a judge and consultant at the Rose D’Or International Media festival, A BAFTA and RTS judge and on advisory groups for BBC Online and Skillset..


Before co-founding Descience Ltd, Debbie moved from her origins in marketing at 3M, into an area where she was able to take advantage of her research, and analytical skills; primarily working with local government departments to produce a quantifiable understanding of the productivity and value of client services.  Moving into the HR sector, she worked for 10 years with the multinational Actuarial and HR organisation, Towers Perrin. Here she advised many major FTSE 100 companies on effective remuneration packages for their Top Executive Board members. After a break in her career to concentrate on family and home (where she learned the true value of transferrable skills in finance, logistics, organisation and HR) she made the decision, along with her husband Mike, to optimise their complementary skill base and form Descience Ltd. In Debbie’s own words: “I’m here to make sure your project is researched thoroughly, delivered to you on time, to the highest quality and within the agreed budget”  



03 October


The SoundBoard project

We’re busy working with a master furniture maker to create the SoundBoard, a piece of tailored furniture with a huge number of variations of finish, colour and size. A simple, elegant upgrade to the Radiogram, the SoundBoard will be launched as a Kickstarter project in the new year, for now it’s a short film.  

03 October


A guide to MIPCOM for the MIP Virgins

  Based on an article written by Traci Paige Johnson of Yummico for MIPBLOG. To register for MIPCOM click here.


"Mike is an excellent and inspiring communicator of the multiplatform issues and opportunities television productions companies need to understand for future content development. As well as being very knowledgeable and experienced in his field, Mike is always a delight to work with."

Helena Ward, TRC

"The trainees were all incredibly enthused and stimulated by what they heard and have been completely converted to the digital world. They seem to think it's much more exciting than TV and want to work in multiplatform rather than broadcast from now on ."

Matt Borne, DV Talent

"Mike is one of those forward thinkers whom I can't seem to keep up with. His knowledge of cutting edge technology and how to leverage that into new, exciting entertainment mediums and is beyond me. Smart man, that Mike is"

Tracy McAndrew, Disny/Marvel